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Current Activity

4th ASEM Conference on e-Commerce

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Terry attended the 4th ASEM Conference on e-Commerce on 21-22 February 2005. at ExCel in London. ASEM (the Asia-European Meeting) is an informal process of dialogue and cooperation bringing together the twenty five EU Member States and the European Commission, with thirteen Asian countries.

The ASEM dialogue addresses political, economic and cultural issues, with the objective of strengthening the relationship between the two regions, in a spirit of mutual respect and equal partnership. There were five parallel seminars: e-Health, eLogistics, eLearning, Paperless Trading and Anti-spam.

The conference attracted around 400 top level figures from government, academia and business in Europe and Asia, aiming to identify ways of increasing the use of online technologies in business.

5th UK-Korea High Technology Forum


Terry attended the Fifth UK-Korea High Technology Forum on the 1st and 2nd December 2004 at the London Hilton Metropole, which coincided with the first State Visit of President Roh Moo-hyun of the Republic of Korea, who gave the opening address.

Other addresses, during the opening plenary session, were given by Lord Sainsbury, Minister for Science and Innovation, and Nobel Prize Winner Sir Harry Kroto.

In addition to the presentations, seminars, partnering meetings and trade exhibition, the Forum schedule included a formal dinner, a Thames river cruise and a reception at the Guild Hall.

After the plenary session, delegates split into 4 parallel sessions each focusing on a specific technology-related theme where the UK and Korea share common interests.
They were:
- Mobile Telecommunication
- Creative Industries
- Energy and the Environment
- Management of Technology

The Forum presented an exclusive opportunity to bring together senior UK and Korean decision makers by way of a partnering service.

Some 367 pre-arranged partnering meetings provided the opportunity for delegates to explore technical possibilities and commercial synergies with analogous organisations.

Information Management Awards 2004

Terry Pilcher joined the Customs and Excise table at the Grosvenor house Hotel for the
IM 2004 awards for which Customs and Excise were nominated for the categories of 'Knowledge Management' and 'Premier Project'.

The project nominated, which Terry helped to develop, involved creating an on-line 'health-check' benchmarking facility that enables public sector organisations to quickly and easily gain a snapshot of their performance in comparison with UK businesses.

Global Benchmarking Network

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Terry Pilcher attended the three day meeting and AGM of the Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) in Berlin. He played a full part as UK representative and led discussion groups as well as presenting a paper on the ‘Enablers of Productivity’.

As a global network GBN presently comprises more than 20 independent Benchmarking Centres from all five continents. Facilitating and strengthening the exchange of Best Practice they support both public and private organisations. Moreover, GBN encourages its members to share their experiences in benchmarking and provide assistance with their marketing activities.

9th World Quality Congress, Abu Dhabi.

Following the success of last years event held in Dubai, this year’s congress was held in Abu Dhabi. Terry presented a paper entitled ‘Enablers of Productivity - are they always what they seem?’. The paper covers work conducted in the UK to examine the productivity of UK business and the strategies that may be employed to create improvements.

The conference featured over 40 speakers travelling from as far afield as Mexico, India and New Zealand and contained some interesting and stimulating topics.

To see more information about the conference, please visit

Copies of the paper presented in Abu Dhabi and the Enablers of Productivity Report are available on our ‘’other resources page.

Best Practice Knowledge Bank

We are now representing the Massey University’s Centre for Organisational Excellence Research in promoting their best practice website which houses a vast amount of data relating to all of the areas that are necessary to manage an organisation. These include assessing and measuring performance, setting targets and understanding others’ performance, improving and managing performance and best practice.

Balanced Scorecard and Value Mapping

A recently agreed partnership has brought our company together with Business Excellence (International) Ltd to raise awareness of the Value Mapping technique as part of the Balanced Scorecard approach. This technique enables people at all levels within an organisation to have an input to the overall objectives of an organisation. These are feed up to senior management in real time contributing to decisions at the strategic level.

Management Consultancy

Working with Touchstone Renard the company is party to a range of solutions for key management areas including Strategy, People, Operations, Projects and Assets. Solutions are applied and tailored to each assignment, dealing with hard and soft issues, processes and human dimensions that challenge management. Consultants work in cross-disciplinary teams with the client to achieve optimum solutions.

The Essential Green Guidegreen book Small

The company is helping CIRIA with the production of a back pocket booklet aimed at informing professional builders and tradesmen how working in a ‘greener’ way can help make money and reduce costs. The pilot study is now underway with major DIY outlets in the UK. This is inline with our objectives of speaking in the language of the customer and explaining ‘What’s in it for them’.


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