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Medal from Commissioner SmallWhile in Government Terry Pilcher, Director BCS Management Services was responsible for providing awareness, benchmarking and knowledge transfer programmes aimed at improving company performance. He also had responsibility for promoting Quality and Marketing as important topics for SMEs. This was a 3.2M programme that delivered a bottom line benefit to companies of over 100M per annum. These figures were arrived at from an independent economic impact assessment.

Pictured above, Terry receives a medal from the Head of D.G. Enterprise European Commission, awarded for services to benchmarking.

This type of experience is now available through BCS Management Services who are looking to make a difference in the area of business improvement. Just to give a flavour of the type of work undertaken by Terry while in government we have briefly illustrated some of them below.

AwarenessMixed Tool Set Small
‘CONNECT' was a range of interactive media featuring small and medium sized organisations. Film crews captured case studies that were used to support messages on best practice topic such as People, Leadership, Customer Focus, Markets, Product and Processes, Electronic Networking, Benchmarking, Finance, Exports, Knowledge Transfer and Business Excellence.


Sector Study Set SmallBenchmarking takes many forms. At its heart is the systematic comparison of an organisation’s processes and performance with other organisations as the stimulus to questioning an organisation’s activities and identifying and implementing change that will lead to improvements.

BCS Management Services belongs to the European Benchmarking Forum that was created by the European Commission in order to advise it on its Benchmarking policy. It is also the UK private sector representative on the Global Benchmarking Network.Benchmark Index Set Small

Terry was the driving force behind the development of the Benchmark Index that is now acknowledged to be the worlds leading benchmarking tool of its kind. He marketed this service both within the UK and other countries including those in Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, Romania, South Africa, etc. He also lead a 4M Euro REACTE project for the European Commission which benchmarked 1700 SMEs in nine Member States.

Knowledge Transfer

Inside Companies MediumTerry had responsibility for the Inside UK Enterprise national visiting initiative (IUKE) that was designed to open the doors of some 160 best practice organisations to visitors in order to promote the adoption of good business practices.

The programme involved around 2,200 organisations and 8,000 visitors, many of whom changed their organisation as a result of their visits.


Other Activities
In addition to the programmes outlined above we have experience of working with a number of partner and membership organisations on the development of innovative business improvement tools and approaches. These have included:-

  • The development of the interactive ‘Quality Journey’ website aimed at making the quality journey much more understandable.
  • The production of the ‘Explorer & Day-tripper’ animated film to help companies share understanding of the real benefits of continuous improvement and use of the Excellence Model. This film was developed in partnership with Steve Unwin of Access to Excellence.
  • The Buiz (Business Quiz) pack of cards featuring a series of business related questions which can be used as a simple way of introducing business topics for discussion

The following reports are available on the Other Resources section of the web site:-

  • 2003 Benchmark Index Performance Report - assesses the effectiveness of the Index
  • Manufacturing Benchmark Index Report - the index used in the manufacturing sector
  • Closing the Gap - case studies of effective use of the Benchmark Index
  • Benchmark Index European Report - Performance assessment across Europe within an organisation.
  • A Benchmark Index module specifically designed to assess Business Excellence.
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