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Other Resources

In this section we have provided links to reports that will provide more detailed information on some of the topics covered on the web site. Click on the document thumbnail to view a PDF version of the document.

The Essential Green Guide
Enablers of Productivity Report
Enablers of Productivity
Company Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage
Benchmarking Index Manufacturing Report
Closing the Gap
European Benchmarking Report

The Essential Green Guide
Guidance and advice to professional builders to improve their impact on the environment whilst improving their business performance.

Enablers of Productivity - Are they always what they seem?
A paper, presented at the 9th World Congress for TQM, shows that one can not always assume that enablers act the same in manufacturing and service industries.

Enablers of Productivity Report
Report to which the above paper refers.

Company Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage
Paper dealing with the application of benchmarking within companies.

Benchmark Index Manufacturing Report
A report on the use of the Benchmark Index within the UK Manufacturing Sector with case studies.

Closing the Gap Report
Case studies on the effective use of the index in a number of sectors.

European Benchmarking Report
A Benchmark Index report that looks at comparative performance data for SME organisations in a wide range of European countries. It also includes a number of illustrative case study organisations.

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